Gemini - Signing in

Gemini is one of the leading exchange platforms that ensure that the users may easily trade using the cryptocurrencies and virtual tokens. Gemini is a crypto-to-crypto exchange platform that allows the users to experience trading using the tokens as well along with the cryptocurrencies. Some of the trading options available within the Gemini login account include Litecoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Bitcoin and many more.

The token option available within this platform includes Gemini coin or BNB. Gemini platform have been used by various MNCs and companies for raising their money. Now, the concern is how to trade using this platform then, the users will be highly relieved as we are detailing the steps to use the Gemini platform trading in the article given below:

Steps to use the Gemini login account: Here are the major steps that with help the users or traders to trade using the cryptocurrencies or virtual tokens within Gemini login account:Create the Gemini login account using the procedure highlighted below:Move to the home page of Gemini and then, click the ‘Register now’ button.And then, the users will be redirected to the registration page where they will be given an email address and the users need to set a password.Make sure that the email address the users are using for creating the Gemini account is that one that they see regularly for mails.

Also, the users should use the password as strong and secure having a combination of numbers, letters, and symbols.On next, the users will see some terms and conditions from Gemini and after that the users need to make an agreement to it. At the end, the users may click ‘Register’ button to get registered with this platform.Once the Gemini login account has been created, the users need to make verification for their email using the email sent to their email address having the verification link.Here, click the ‘Verify email’ button and thus, the registration gets completed.
Now, add funds to your Gemini login account for experiencing the trading functionality and to do so, follow the steps mentioned below:Firstly, login to the Gemini login account and then, click on ‘Funds’ panel.Here, move to the ‘deposits’ section followed by entering the cryptocurrencies the users require.On choosing the crypto option, the platform will make sure that an address is generated to transfer the amount.

Now, the currency funds will be sent to the ETH deposit address. Hence, the amount will be added to the Gemini login account.Now, the users may initiate their trading experience using the Gemini platform.Just follow the steps mentioned in the aforementioned article, and if facing any issue then, just get in touch with the Gemini support number using their toll-free number to get the assistance from the Binanve support team.